Friday, August 16, 2013

Detailed Instructions for Beginners

How to Install CWM Recovery in Iberry Nuclea N1

Download TWR Recovery.img for Iberry Nuclea N1

Uncheck Quick Boot from settings>>accessibility

1. Install MobileUncle Tools from Playstore

2. Download the file Iberry N1 recovery.rar from the files section and extract.

3. Copy the extracted file to ur external SD-Card (Note: Dont keep it inside any folder)

4. Open Mobileuncle Tools app and select Recovery update (5th option from top)

5. Select the Recovery.img from ur sd-card (First option from Top)

6. Give necessary root permissions

7. Reboot ur mobile

How to check whether the CWM recovery is installed or not

1. Switch off ur mobile (Vibration indicates complete shut down)

2. Keep pressed the volume + and power buttons together, till u see a boot screen with recovery menu.

How to Backup ur complete ROM

1. In CWM Recovery mode, select Backup and Restore

2. Select Backup

3. Wait till it finishes (May take upto 10 minutes)

How to restore ur backed up ROM from SD card

1. Go to CWM Recovery, select backup and restore

2. Select Restore

3. select the folder in date format (Folder name indicates the time and date when ur backup was created}

4. Wait till it finishes (May take upto 10-15 minutes)

How to install Custom Rom

1. Copy the Custom Zip file to ur SD- Card and switch off ur mobile

2. In CWM Recovery mode, Select Format system & Format Cache and come back to the main menu.

3. Select Advance and then wipe dalvik cache (If u wish u can also wipe battery stats; its a kind of battery calliberation) and come back to the main menu

4. Select install zip from sd-card

5. Move to the location on sd-card where the zip file is placed

4. Select the custom rom Zip file

5. Wait untill Installation Finishes....

6. Go back to the main menu and reboot ur system

7. May take some time to Boot for the first time (because system cache needs to be build)

8. Enjoy... the New Rom

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  1. Thanks for CWM recovery. Its working great. Could u pls make TWRP ported for nuclea n1

    1. yes TWRP is under consideration.............

    2. Can you please port CWM or TWRP for nuclea n2

  2. hi i have lost root.. is there any way to get it bsck

  3. Hi Saleem,

    The CWM Recovery.img for Iberry Nuclea N1 is missing from the download link.
    Please upload the file and do share the link.


  4. The link for CWM Recovery.img says
    File Not Found

    The file you were looking for could not be found, sorry for any inconvenience.

    Possible causes of this error could be:

    The file expired
    The file was deleted by its owner
    The file was deleted, didn't comply with Terms of Service

    Please upload

  5. Hi

    How can we update the basic 4GB RAM Nuclea N1 OS to Jelly Bean or to Cyanogenmod latest one possible. Please give the easy steps and downloads link I am beginner.