Saturday, October 19, 2013

ChoChweetROMv1.7 CyanogenMod Basic Lite

ChoChweetROMv1.7 CyanogenMod Basic

CHANGELOG 1.7 CyanogenMod Basic 20-10-2013)

Deodexed & Zipaligned
Full Root
GPS Locks very quickly
Fixed RAM usage (Free RAM remains between 450MB to 600MB)
Less Processor heating
Kernel tweaks for better CPU performance
Build prop tweaks for battery & performance
All Google apps Incorporated
Back Camera 12.6MP
Native Launcher removed and replaced with Holo Launcher to make it even lighter
Wifi, Bluetooth, GPS Compass.....all working
All Mods & Hacks done myself (unless mentioned)
and more I can't remember

Front camera 2.0MP

Total Size 149 MB


for those who need additional google apps
Google Installer 


  1. Cool Buddy...AWESOME...your the only one to give new life to my Auxus :D...why don't u put donating option...;) plz upload GPU overclocked version...helps alot!!! TNX...

  2. Comon!!! you gonna take 4hrs to upload 150mb ? xD 1G use karteho kya bhaijan :D

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  4. Hi Saleem , GPS is not locking for me.Always it says Waiting for Location.. And I have followed all the steps u mentioned that is EPO settings.I m using Xperia1.5.1 ROM

    Can you help me out.

  5. Not that great what i expected from you...still cheers for your hard work :D HAVE A NICE DAY!!!

  6. gps not working ya,,,magnetic sensor is not working properly

  7. Otg hain issmey??

  8. Hello salim problems with my phone are batterg backup poor. Camera stops working due to this not able to play videos. Volume to the other person goes verh less. Please me solution

  9. Hello salim problems with my phone are batterg backup poor. Camera stops working due to this not able to play videos. Volume to the other person goes verh less. Please me solution

  10. Badly wanted your new rom saleem bhai... Waiting for it.... Please give some news regarding new rom so i will wait for it. As i stopped applying other roms to my mobile because am very confident on your work and i like your work. Thank you.. Saleem bhai.

  11. Hi Yaasu, Thanks for this ROM. Works really well and is stable. There was no reboots or force closes like in the original Auxus ROM. The GPS worked fine for me after a few tries at loading the EPO, but the compass and the magnetic sensor do not work. Can you please look into this and fix in a later revision?

    Also I notice that you have removed the default Calendar, Email and Music app from this ROM. Can they be included into the next revision? They are useful apps and since there is quite an amount of space in /system (almost half the partition is free), including these should be okay.

    I tried connecting to adb in root mode, but I cannot get a shell. If I connect in normal mode, I get a shell, and then I can "su" to root and then remount the /system partition.The Auxus ROM allowed connecting via adb so that I could remount /system in "rw" mode. Was 'adb root' blocked in the kernel?

    Once again thanks a lot for the ROM and good work. Looking forward to a non-lite version (with other mentioned apps)


  12. Hi Yaasu,

    I just received the Auxus Nuclea N1 [COLOR="Red"][B]8 GB[[/B]/COLOR] version from Flipkart. The build number is 12J36_S131WT_AUXUS Nuclea N1_20130824_JB2V1.2.V02.MP.EN

    The device seems to have a long list of problems (as had been corroborated from time to time by other users as well).

    1) The RAM usage in even after factory resetting is huge ( I only have around 130 MB of the 1 GB usable !)
    2) The outer rim of the camera on the back panel tends to get warm even after taking a single photo
    3) The volume is pretty low
    4) The audio quality on outgoing calls isn't satisfactory

    I hence then called up iBerry's service centre (their toll-free number). The lady instructed me to use ES Task killer to free RAM which in turn should solve my first two issues. Moreover, she said that they haven't issued any firmware update for the 8 GB version and the one that I have is the latest. However, inspite of installing ES Task killer, both the RAM and heat issue persists.

    I am pretty aghast with the experience and called up Flipkart to offer me a refund - a confirmation on which I can expect in the next couple of days.

    - Now, I will still like to make a last ditch experiment on this god forsaken mobile to try to make it work. Can I flash your ROM - ChoChweetROMv1.7 CyanogenMod Basic Lite on this mobile (Since mine is a 8 GB version?) If yes, will these issues get resolved ? I use 3G (Vodafone) and Wifi on my mobile and will like to play HD games like Dead Trigger / NFS Most Wanted, etc. I like a basic lite version of the OS.

    - Moreover, please advise how I can I instal TWRP Recovery on this mobile.

    - Please advise whether there's any hope for this mobile or should I buy something else. My budget is a maximum of Rs. 20,000.

    Thanks in advance.

  13. Yaaasu.... When will you come up with another great ROM.... waiting

  14. hi..Im college student, thanks for sharing :)

  15. hi yaasu,

    compass is not working.
    i installed smart compass and super compass ..both are not working

  16. Compass not working otherwise its a super fast ROM ever please fix this problem